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Natural Herbal Colon Cleanse


Our colon stores food particles that are not digested in the stomach and in the small intestines. This organ also absorbs water, salt and other nutrients from these food remains. The remains after the needed materials are absorbed become our stool or fecal wastes. Though a person can always flush this out through regular bowel movement, there are fecal wastes that are accumulated in the colon wall that cannot be easily removed.

A healthy diet composed of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber is one of the best methods of cleaning our colon from these fecal wastes. However, regardless of how healthy our diet is, most people could greatly benefit from colon cleansing using natural and organic herbal products.

A healthy diet is one of the best methods to ensure overall wellness. Most experts agree that if you combine herbal products with a healthy diet, your colon can be cleansed naturally and smoothly without employing other methods. In reality, this is very hard for most people to do. We cannot simply dispose our habits of eating our chips, dips and fries. Not to mention our addiction to beer.

The main reason why most people are turning to herbal colon cleansers is that it can smoothly flush out harmful fecal buildup inside the bodies that have been accumulated for years. The normal process for our digestive system after a very heavy meal is to secrete mucus so that the intestinal lining will be protected. However, there are instances when this mucus secretion is not completely taken out from the body and tend to buildup into layers. These layers can dehydrate into a mass of rubbery matter inside the colon.

These fecal wastes can produce toxic materials that can result to the following health problems:

1. Acne
2. Eczema
3. headache
4. Constipation
5. Indigestion
6. Flatulence
7. Bloating
8. Gas
9. Depression
10. Obesity
11. Digestive disorders
12. Sexual disorders
13. Parasites (worms)

Most people are still aware that organic ingredients are preferable than synthetic drugs. A colon cleanser made from all natural ingredients such as psyllium husk, acai berry, and licorice root are the most ideal solution in cleansing our colon. However, these products are not to be used for a longer period than a month. Most experts recommend a particular dosage of these products for a short period of time but on a regular basis every year. Organic ingredients are preferred by most patients because they work gently on the delicate lining of the intestines.

The benefits of a clean and healthy colon are:

1. Clear complexion and skin
2. Loosing extra pounds
3. Reduction of flabby stomach
4. More energy for your body
5. Shiny hair and nails
6. Overall wellness

You can choose a plan that could last for a week using a natural product that is suggested by a health professional such as a dietitian or a nutritionist. During the colon cleansing process, you should eat foods that are high in fiber such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains. You should reduce or completely eliminate your consumption of foods that are made from red meat, refined sugar, white flour, alcohol and fats.

A sufficient amount of water is also recommended because it generally helps in the cleansing process.


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